Types Of Student Housing

On-Campus UMich Housing


Freshmen often live in campus dorms for their first year, and the experience is a great introduction to college life. The most obvious advantage of living at UM is the short walk to classes and other university functions. On the other hand, dorms tend to be smaller than other housing options, and you may have to share the space with a roommate you don’t know. This can provide a perfect opportunity to develop a new friendship, but living with a stranger can also be a hassle if you don’t get along. In terms of eating, you can grab some grub at the dining hall, in community kitchens, or at an on-campus restaurant, which is convenient but may limit menu options. Also, pay attention to dorm rules, which can curtail some of your freedom.

Off Campus UMich Housing

Rental Homes

If you’re looking for a larger living space, rental houses often provide the most square footage of all housing types. This lets you share the place — and rent — with multiple roommates without compromising privacy or space. Plus, most houses have lawns where you can host barbecues, let your pets roam free, or toss around the frisbee. However, the landscaping must be maintained, and if this isn’t included in your lease, you’ll need to take care of it yourself. Utility bills in houses can be somewhat expensive, especially in larger homes, so make sure you and your roommates budget accordingly.

Ann Arbor Apartments

Renting some of the best apartments in Ann Arbor is an ideal option for many UM students. Apartments offer more freedom and space than dorms, and rental costs are frequently less expensive than houses. Some apartments may even cover utilities as part of the monthly rent. What’s more, many complexes provide added features such as pools and gyms, which can be a major bonus. You probably won’t have to make repairs or perform maintenance in an apartment, as the management or landlord usually handles this. On the other hand, if you choose student apartments for rent near UM, you may have to share walls and communal space with neighbors, which can be annoying if they’re loud or throw a lot of parties. Many apartment complexes allow pets — albeit with some restrictions — but you might need to pay extra deposits and fees to cover any potential damage they might cause.

Luxury Apartments

If you choose to rent luxury Ann Arbor apartments like those found at Foundry Lofts, you’ll enjoy the benefits of more space with floor plans, which include up to four bedrooms in a single unit. Luxury apartments near UM provide for a short commute to campus for classes or events. The leading luxury apartments also include Internet and cable bundled into the rent. And unlike lesser-quality complexes, at Foundry Lofts, you won’t be bothered by noisy neighbors, as the units come with thick walls and insulation to reduce disturbances and keep utility bills to a minimum.

Townhouses & Condos

Townhouses and condos are generally more spacious than dorms and apartments, yet less than houses. The extra space is a great benefit, but it also increases the electricity you’ll use, making your utility bills pricey. Similar to student apartments in Ann Arbor, townhomes and condos frequently boast community amenities, such as clubhouses and swimming pools, which can be a nice extra. Plus, residents living in these units won’t have to worry about mowing the lawn or landscaping since this is typically handled by the local homeowner’s association or property management. That said, such services can lead to extra fees being added to your monthly rent.

Luxury Apartments In Ann Arbor

Foundry Lofts provides students with many diverse features and luxury amenities — hot tubs, tanning beds, coffee bars, on-site retail spaces, and more — for the most lavish lifestyle in town. Visit our property today to see everything our luxury apartments offer.

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